Mr.Kritsana Suratsawang

    • Experience Instructor 10 years
    • Training DCS & Safety.
    • OJT Generate Engineering program , Prosafe - RS of CPOC Project.
    • Oversea training  at YEA (Singapore) FY2014 , Prosafe RS Training.
    • Oversea training at YHQ (Japan) FY2015 , Brand New Centum VP R.6
    • Training Basic Foundation FieldBus and PRM (Plant Resource Manager).

Mr.Auttapon Timpolprasert

    • Experience Repair field instrument and system in 5 Years
    • OFF Shore at PTTEP Arthit Plant
    • Oversea Training at Japan : FY2013, 2014 Brand new
    • Training Maintenance Course.
    • Training Basic Field Instrument Course.
    • Training PID Tuning with HART
    • Training How to Operate Plant Model for RMUTRKKW (Process Level, Flow, Pressure, Temp)
    • Test and support to install follow System config of Plant Model for Myanmar.

Ms.Duangkamon Laoprasort

    • Experience Instructor 4 years
    • Troubleshooting in HART communication of Plant Model.
    • Conduct Training DCS ( Operation, Engineering and Mantenance Course) in Thailand (English Class).
    • Generate Engineering Program for  Plant Model of RMUTRKKW University.
    • Test Communication Modbus to Thai Chun Customer.
    • Set System Configuration DCS Hardware and software download for Bangchak Customer.
    • Generate Engineering Program (DCS Program) for Plant Model of Rayong Technical Collage.
    • "Generate Engineering Program Plant Model (Field wireless, YS Controller and Fasttools Program) for Hatyai Technical Collage."
    • Generate Engineering Program (DCS Program) of Plant Model for Myanmar.
    • OJT on FAST/TOOLS (Italian-Thai Project).

Mr. Pathomwat Chowsuvan

    • Experience 
    • OJT DCS Project ( IRPC SAN 1,2,3 and ABS).
    • Conduct Training DCS ( Operation and  Mantenance Course).
    • Test and support to install follow System configuration of Plant Model in Myanmar.
    • Generate E-learning for CENTUMVP Operation course.


    • Experience 
    • Conduct Training DCS ( Operation Course) in Thailand (English Class).
    • Excecute software and create Lap sheet of Plant Model for Myanmar.
    • Conduct training DCS Plant model in Myanmar (English Class).
    • OJT on FAST/TOOLS (Italian-Thai Project).
    • Generate FAST/TOOLS Engineering for support FAST/TOOLS course.