Question & Answer

Student : Does the training Class conduct in English language or Thai language ?
Trainer : We can 2 language on need of customer.
Student  : Training Course fee can do tax refund right ?  
Trainer     : Sure, You can tax refund by 200% .
Student :  Im just start working so the basic knowledge is not good ,then  I was worry that I might be not understand during learning in class.
Trainer  : Dont worry, because We conduct the class start from basic principle and easy understand then you can be asked because teacher be kind . ^^
Student : In class the training have theory and practice right ?
Trainer  : Yes, We have both and additional to have the computer, book and Laboratory for each student in the class training so it help easy to understand.
Student: If Im finish the class so I  will get the certification from IAEC right ?
Trainer  : Sure !! If you pass the examination at least 75% and attend class at least 80% By the way, For the TUV Functional Safety training course if you pass the examination then you will receive certification direct from TUV Education Center.