Centum CS3000 Operation (CS3K/O)
Training Period
3 Days
(09.00 - 16.30 pm)
Training Fee
(exclude VAT 7%) Baht/Person
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This course is designed to give participants have knowledge and understanding how to available operate and monitor process variable , process status , system status and other data including basic system administration maintenace which operators should know it by via the operation and monitoring windows of the Centum CS3000 system.


Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd. Bangkok Offce (Rama 9) and Rayong Branch Offce (Maptaput)


IAEC trainers, Engineer, Yokogawa (Thailand) Ltd.


  1. 1.Centum CS3000 Operators who must operate and monitor Centum CS3000 System 
  2. Centum CS3000 Engineering and Maintenance Engineer/Technician need to participate this course for understanding and know Centum CS3000 operation and monitoring procedure before participation Centum CS3000 Engineering and Maintenance course.


Participants should preferably have some basic knowledge on process measurement and control.

Course Outline detail

Day Morning ( 09.00 to 12.00 ) Afternoon ( 13.00 to 16.30 )

  • Basic Loop Control
  • Centum CS3000 System Overview
  • Operation and Monitoring Windows
    • Operation and Monitoring Window Overview
    • Basic Windows for Operation and Monitoring
    • System Message Window
    • Navigator Window
  • Windows Convenient  for Operation and Monitoring
    • Process Alarm Window
    • Operator Guide Window
    • Message Monitor Window
    • User Login Window
    • Window Call Menu
    • Operation Menu
  • Windows Convenient  for Operation and Monitoring
    • Preset Window
    • Tool Box
    • Window Name Input
    • Circulate
    • Clear All
    • Buzzer Reset
    • Help Window
    • Hard Copy
  • Standard Display Screen Windows
    • Graphic Window , Overview Window
    • Control Group Window, Control Drawing Window
  • Operation Keyboard
  • Laboratory work :
    • 9 labs of operation and Monitoring

  • Windows Convenient  for Operation and Monitoring
    • Regulatory Control Windows
      • Tuning Window
      • Faceplate Window
      • Trend Window
      • Application
  • Windows Convenient  for Operation and Monitoring
    • Sequence Control Windows
      • Sequence Table Window
      • Logic Chart Window
      • SFC Window
  • Laboratory work :
    • 18 labs of operation and Monitoring

  • Windows for System Administration
    • System Status Overview Window
    • HIS Status Display Window
    • FCS Status Display Window
    • Centum CS3000 Component Status Display Window
    • System Alarm Window
    • HIS Setup Window
  • Windows for Process Status and Operation Record Confirmation
    • Process Report Window
    • Historical Message Report Window
  • Security Function
  • Laboratory work :
    • 10 labs of operation and Monitoring

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